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How Compass is Changing the Real Estate Industry From the Inside

Compass Co-Founder and CEO Robert Reffkin joins Jere to share how Compass is bringing technology to the industry and changing the industry from the inside.

Show Notes

• How Robert came to the position he’s in now and his life story (3:18)
• What made Reffkin get his real estate license (4:24)
• What lead Robert and Ori Allon to found Compass (5:44)
• Powerful concepts in founding Compass (9:30)
• What Robert thinks are the common denominators in successful agents (11:01)

• An assistant
• Get a team
• Personal branding

• 8 Principles of Business (15:54)
• Dream Big (18:50)
• Move Fast (22:29)
• Learn from Reality (23:08)
• Be Solutions Driven (24:15)
• Obsess about Opportunity (25:40)
• Collaborate without Ego (27:45)
• Maximize Your Strengths (29:06)
• Bounce Back with Passion (31:09)

Resources / People Mentioned


Books Mentioned

Never Eat Alone – Keith Ferrazzi
Here is New York – E. B. White and Roger Angell

The One Thing

“If you have your biggest dream about your future and what it will be for you for the next 20 years. Imagine your kids graduating from the best college and they say they don’t want to be a banker or a lawyer, they want to be an agent because I can make ten times as much and it’s much more creative and entrepreneurial. Think about the world that you deserve, who can create that. I believe Compass."

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