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How to develop the pitch to win the listings you want.

Today I'm talking to Matt Breitenbach of Compass in The Hamptons. Since entering real estate as a first career at 22 years old, Matt has sold over $1.5 billion in real estate and has over 12 years experience representing celebrity and luxury real estate clients. He works with clients such as NBA superstar Kyrie Irving and NBA superstar Jason Kidd's Watermill home. He also represented Truman Capote's original Hampton's estate. And most recently, he's representing the former UK politician's Sag Harbor Landford Wilson home. Matt is ranked by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top 250 brokers in United States. Today, we talk about how to develop the pitch to win the listings you want.
  • Jere and Matt recap Matt's first interview on the podcast. (2:07)
  • "Some people pitch and some people present - I pitch." (10:11)
  • Matt walks us thorugh the listing pitch. (17:32)
  • How Compass' technology stands out from the rest. (23:15)
  • How Matt handles niche markets. (33:48)
  • Understanding your brand and mission statement. (38:15) 
  • Matt shares his favorite tool and key takeaway. (45:17)

Favorite Tool

Compass' CRM

Books Mentioned

Take Away

Understand that you're a real estate advisor; you're not just selling homes. 

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